Tender for the supply of 160 tons of rhizomes with roots of Aconitum septentrionale

09 09.22

To the attention of heads of companies and firms!


1. The Institute of Chemistry of Plant Substances named after Academician S.Yu. Yunusov of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan announces electronic tenders for the purchase of plant raw materials for the production of the domestic export-oriented drug of antiarrhythmic action "Allapinin".


2. Both foreign firms and organizations and domestic suppliers, including small businesses, who have fulfilled the conditions for participation in them, as well as those who have experience in supplying the corresponding volumes of products purchased on a tender basis, can take part in tenders.


3. Subject of the tender:



International name

Required quantity, kg

Subject to

to purchase

in 2022-2023

Starting price, per kg


(in USD)

Starting price

(in USD)

Deposit amount

(in USD)


Supply of plant raw materials - rhizomes with roots of the northern wrestler (Aconitum septentrionales)

160 000

160 000 kg


1 200 000

12 000


4. Address and place of the tender: 100170, Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Mirzo-Ulugbek district, st. M. Ulugbek, 77


5. The participant is excluded from participation in the tender if:

- there is an entry about him in the Unified Register of Unscrupulous Performers;

- he has an overdue debt on the payment of taxes and fees;

- bankruptcy procedures have been introduced against him;

- the participant does not meet the qualification, technical and commercial requirements of the tender documentation;

- the participant directly or indirectly offers, gives or agrees to give to any current or former official or employee of a government customer or other government body any form of reward, offer of employment or any other thing of value or service for the purpose of influencing the commission of any actions, decision-making or application of any procurement procedure of the state customer in the public procurement process;

- the participant commits anti-competitive actions or, in violation of the law, has a conflict of interest, as well as when cases of affiliation are identified;

- the participant has not submitted a statement on the prevention of corruption manifestations;

- the participant does not have the legal capacity to conclude the contract;

- the participants did not provide a package of necessary documents within the prescribed period or the package of documents submitted on time does not meet the requirements of the tender documentation;

- the unreliability of the information contained in the documents submitted by the tender participant has been established.

The decision to remove a participant from participation in the procurement procedures and its reasons are recorded in the report on the procurement procedures, and they are immediately reported to the relevant participant.


6. Delivery conditions:

- for domestic suppliers: the Buyer's warehouse in Tashkent;

- for foreign suppliers: CPT-Tashkent (INCOTERMS 2010).


7. The terms of payment, the form for submitting a request for clarification of the provisions of the tender documentation, the requirements for the preparation of the tender proposal and other requirements are specified in the tender documentation, which is published and available on the special information portal xarid.uzex.uz, on the website of the IHRV AS RUz www.uzicps.uz and in the media.

8. The form of bid security (bid guarantee) is specified in the tender documentation.

9. The executive secretary of the procurement commission is -

Abbasova Gulbahor Amonovna

Head of the department of innovative development and marketing

Address: 100170 Uzbekistan, Tashkent, st. Mirzo Ulugbek, 77.

Phone: +99871 262 73748, +99899 008 4974.

E-mail: ixrv.marketing@mail.ru

Deadline for submission of tender proposals until 16.00 07.10.2022.

10. For additional information on the conditions for conducting electronic tenders, contact the ICPS of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan at the above details.


Prof. Sagdullaev Sh.Sh.
Doctor of Technical Sciences
Director of ICPS AS RUz