On the initiative of Acad. S.Y. Yunusov and with the direct participation of Ph.D. H.N. Aripov in 1983, organized a pesticide technology laboratory, the head of which was appointed as Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof. Hamidilla Nigmatovich Aripov (since 1995 academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan). The tasks of the laboratory included questions of fundamental and applied research in the field of chemistry and technology of pesticides.

Especially important for the national economy was the creation of technology for obtaining such new highly effective fungicides as Uzgen, Olgin, KMAX, Nikamizalon, Ridamil, Toluine, Kutsid and growth biostimulants - Rosalin, Tetranil, Doronin, Roslin, Navruz, Dorilin, Nitrodor, defoliant Butylcaptax, and drugs, Allapinin, Deoxypeganine hydrochloride (synthetic), Lidocaine, Beletonium, Medamin, Albendazole, Fenasal, Nitroxoline, Azinox, Ecdinox, Medapec, Alpek, Carpeck, Alsus, Nimesulide, Ibuprofen.

In 1997, the laboratory was renamed the laboratory of synthetic preparations technology.

Technology for the production of N-alkyl acyl arylamides have been developed in the laboratory. The nature of the interaction of aromatic amines with haloalkyl ethers and esters has been investigated. Using mathematical processing of experimental data, the rate constants of the N-alkylation reaction were determined, the relationship between the reaction rate constant and the basicity of anilines was established, and optimal methods for the synthesis of N-alkylamines were worked out.

On the basis of experimental data and mathematical planning of experiment designed versatile technological production scheme of Toluin, Etoxilin, Dachlor, Reedomil, Lidocaine, Deoxypeganine hydrochloride, Pentazolin, Terazolin, Fenasal, Medamin, Albendazole, Azinox, Nitroxoline, Medapek, Mimesulide, Ibuprofen, Ekdinox, Alpek, Alsus.